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So I have a program that can be run from a .sh file. Now I would like to automate this and have it run every day, but I want to see how its going, see if its working correctly. I have tried using crontab but I can't tell whats going on...all I know is I am not getting an email (final thing it does). So I am using a test.sh for now. All it does is echo "Hello World!"

These are the crontab jobs I have tried:

10 10 * * * sh ~/Desktop/test.sh

and what I found that I thought would run it in a terminal

10 10 * * * DISPLAY=:0 sh ~/Desktop/test.sh  

cron is running i've had it create a file on the Desktop. I started out by using gnome-schedule which when I manually told it to run the job it did, and I could see it. But never via the scheduler.

Any help to having cron running in a terminal would be appreciated.

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