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I'm currently using Java Play and persisting models through Ebean to MySQL. This is going to be a generic question – what I see is that whenever I make changes to a model – sometimes just adding a property, after applying the evolution script, the existing data in the corresponding table gets truncated.

Since I love play and I'm thinking about deploying my next project using Play, this is an important question for me – is there a workaround to securely make model changes? Or is the behaviour I'm seeing only when running the application in development mode?

I can't find much about this subject elsewhere.

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That's common approach of Ebean - it doesn't truncate your tables it just drops whole DB and recreates it with new DDL: @see answer to the other question for explanation.

Note: In meantime I found that using standalone approach which is MyBatis Migrations is little bit more comfortable then Play's evolutions, anyway you need still to create the migrations manually (as evolutions).

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