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I have the code below. Just don't need class .active on my .nav > li items. I just need this to prevented on that specific class item or something like that. Thanks. I've bold the indesired class. Class is given after hover movement over the tabs inside that dropdown.Closing tags are not added, because of the lenght of the code

<ul id="menu-menu-1" class="nav navbar-nav"> <!-- main nav starts here -->                                      
    <li class="dropdown **ACTIVE**"><a title="title1" href="#" data-toggle="dropdown" class="dropdown-toggle" aria-haspopup="true"> Title 1</a>  <! First menu item is a dropdown menu -->                                              
        <div class="dropdown-menu keep_open">  <! 'keep_open' class stand for a function that prevent that dropdown from closing after hover on some other items from the list belw -->                 
            <div class="tabbable tabs-left row"> <!-- this class is for left standing tabs -->
                <ul class="nav nav-tabs eg-unclickable-tabs col-md-5 eg-main-dropdown"> <! tabs in the dropdown. Class is for tabs switching by hover instead of click -->
                    <li class="active"><a href="#title2" data-toggle="tab">Title 2></a></li>
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What's adding the class? –  j08691 Aug 1 '14 at 15:47
confused...just don't add it. is there dynamic code you're not showing us that puts it there? –  Shawn Taylor Aug 1 '14 at 17:37

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