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I am using a scroll viewer in my xaml page. When i display lot of entries in this viewer it starts showing a scroll bar which is fine and desirable. But while exporting that page in jpeg format i need to show all entries in one image. Hence i am planning to increase its size just enough to make scroll bar disappear. Chalange i am facing with this is that i can not calculate exactly how much do i need to increase its height so that it can accomodate all entries without showing scroll bar. Thanks in advance.

-- Lalit

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Have you tried if ViewportHeight / ViewportWidth or ScrollableHeight / ScrollableWidth suits your needs?

I would however suggest the following:

  • Set MinHeight, MinWidth.
  • Make sure both scrollbar visibility is set to Auto. By default it is Auto.
  • The scroll viewer will expand as much as it can & then only show the scrollbars.
  • The maximum size is defined by MaxHeight, MaxWidth.
  • The MaxHeight / MaxWidth is always lesser than equal to what the parent allows.
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I believe you want ScrollViewer.ExtentWidth and ScrollViewer.ExtentHeight.

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Hi Kent, Sorry to say but ExtentHeight is not giving me actual height it would desire to list all elements without scroll bar. :( –  Lalit Mar 24 '10 at 14:40

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