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I added the timestamps in the Migration(Schema) and the model

$table->timestamps();  //In the Schema

public $timestamps = true; //In the model

I made an array with all fields of the database and inserted into the database.


In the table, it updates all the fields except the updated_at, created_at timestamps

I have another(default) model for Users and it updates the timestamps. In that model, I am using the ->save() method

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Instead of insert, you should use create if you want the timestamps to be set:


You can also do

$checking = Checkin::create($input);

which will give you the just created checkin.

Make sure the fields are fillable by adding this to your model:

protected $fillable = array(
    ... // all the fields you want to be mass-assignable here

Also, there's no need to set public $timestamps = true; as that is the default in Laravel if you're using Eloquent models.

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I tried it.. I believe but its is throwing a mass assignment error –  Abhijith Aug 1 at 20:20
Ok, I've updated my answer with how you can set the fillable fields of your model to make them mass-assignable. –  lowerends Aug 1 at 20:23
So I have to do that to all my tables, Are there any other advantages of create() over insert() other than this? –  Abhijith Aug 1 at 20:28
That's indeed strongly recommended. Using create() also means you can use events like creating or created in your application to hook into and add some logic, which can be very useful. –  lowerends Aug 1 at 20:32
create() is a Eloquent Model method, insert() is inherited from a query builder, thus it does not do anything beside a insert query to the database. –  delmadord Aug 2 at 6:56

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