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I'm developing a small business website and want to give some control over content to the client but also allow myself control over the outputted code. Indeed allow the user to fill in the content gaps while not creating havoc.

I'm leaning towards WordPress rather than reinventing the wheel in asp.net, which would be my code of choice, or possibly just html.

Any recommendations either way? An alternative CMS maybe or some robust but productive framework? (interested in mention of python frameworks)

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If you're a natural born programmer at heart, give Django a serious look. It's a nice light python (yeah learning sucks, I know) framework which will do lots of the work for you. –  Oli Oct 30 '08 at 16:51
... Especially on the admin side of things. It's entirely possible to build the front-end of the site and not have to change what Django auto-generates for the admin, it's that good. –  Oli Oct 30 '08 at 16:51

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I think for people with existing html, Toko Cms will be the cheapest option

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