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I need to clear/reset the external ID on a record in NetSuite, but nothing I do is working.

Some of the InventoryItem records are incorrectly mapped to records in another system. I have an application that can sync up the two systems, but I need to clear NetSuite's external IDs first.

Responses don't really need to be SOAP-specific. If you know how to do it with some specific NetSuite/SuiteTalk client, that might point me in the right direction.

What I've Tried

First up, I tried using the nullFieldList... but maybe it doesn't work because externalId is an attribute, not an element?

    <messages:record internalId="7777" xsi:type="accounting:InventoryItem">
        <core:nullFieldList xsi:type="core:NullField">

The external ID is just a string, so I tried just setting it to blank. Didn't work either.

    <messages:record internalId="7777" xsi:type="accounting:InventoryItem">

I even tried setting the external ID to 0, but I get back a "not unique identifier" error

    <messages:record internalId="7777" xsi:type="accounting:InventoryItem">

Other Info

I'm using NetSuite's SOAP API v.2013_1

When I say "it doesn't work", I mean: after I do the update, I get a success response similar to the following:

    <platformCore:status isSuccess="true" xmlns:platformCore="urn:core_2013_1.platform.webservices.netsuite.com"/>
    <record internalId="7777" externalId="42" xsi:type="listAcct:InventoryItem" xmlns:listAcct="urn:accounting_2013_1.lists.webservices.netsuite.com">
        <!-- snip -->
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