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Hi i want to achieve following

insert into t1 (c1,c2) values (v1,v2)

above transaction will create a unique identifier for the row created. lets say UIDT1

now i want to execute multiple inserts in another table like

insert into t2 (c1,c2,c3) values (UIDT1,v2,v3)
insert into t2 (c1,c2,c3) values (UIDT1,v2,v3)
insert into t2 (c1,c2,c3) values (UIDT1,v2,v3)

using Java, i can write all queries in a text file and read one by one and create all transactions but i wanted to know if there is any more efficient way of doing the same. Need your inputs..

Note : I am using Spring JDBC

Purpose : Unit testing, creating User(t1) and UserDetails(t2) considering tests run with a fresh DB i am creating users and user details first and then using that user i will test other scenarios.

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Are you using JDBC? –  Marlon Bernardes Aug 1 at 22:27
i am using spring jdbc –  VD' Aug 1 at 22:27
For executing multiple inserts you could look into using a PreparedStatement with batches. A little more info here: stackoverflow.com/questions/6892105/… –  tim Aug 1 at 22:36

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You can do somthing like this

String [] queries = {
    "insert into t2 (c1,c2,c3) values (UIDT1,v2,v3)",
    "insert into t2 (c1,c2,c3) values (UIDT1,v2,v3)",
    "insert into t2 (c1,c2,c3) values (UIDT1,v2,v3)"
Statement statement = connectionObject.createStatement();

for (String query : queries) {
catch(SQLException e){
//closing statements 
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