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So I'm writing some app with javascript and jQuery and when use events sometimes I need to specify the same event for multiple browsers like transitionend webkitTransitionEnd MSTransitionEnd

If I use this event in 100 places, it will be hard for me to drop some of them later when browsers remove the prefix. I was wondering if there's some way to put only "transitionend" there and in some other part of the code to add the others, but only once.

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Look at this plugin: github.com/georgeadamson/jQuery.prefixfree-events keep in mind that it needs Modernizr. –  Marco Bonelli Aug 1 '14 at 23:47

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You can put all the events in one string in your code so there's only one place to manage it. And, if you're using both .on() and .off(), you can use namespaces too:

// declare in a single place available to all your code
// In the future, you can remove any one of these and it will be used
// by all your code
var transitionEvents = "transitionend webkitTransitionEnd MSTransitionEnd";

Then, you can use it like this:

$("#myObj").on(transitionEvents, function() {
    // code here

If you also want to remove the event handlers after they fire, you can do use namespacing to help with that:

// define all transition events with a namespace
var transitionEvents = "transitionend.tend webkitTransitionEnd.tend MSTransitionEnd.tend";

Then, you can use it like this:

$("#myObj").on(transitionEvents, function() {
    // remove all transition event handlers using the namespace

    // put code here for the end of the transition

You could also make your own jQuery plug-in method that handles this for you:

// method to handle transition end and remove all handlers when the event fires
jQuery.fn.onTransitionEnd = function(fn) {
    var transitionEvents = "transitionend.tend webkitTransitionEnd.tend MSTransitionEnd.tend";
    this.on(transitionEvents, function(e) {
        return fn.call(this, e);

You would then use it like this:

$("#myObj").onTransitionEnd(function(e) {
    // code here for the end of the transition
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