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Ive a simple linq query to return records with a null date field, just want to check the synatx of the "where" line is ok

var query2 = from cs in db.tblCases where cs.date_closed == null etc, etc,

thanks again


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I would be careful with using null, I have seen issues with linq not generating the correct sytnax (ex IS NULL vs ==null)

I would recommend

var query2 = from cs in db.tblCases where !cs.date_closed.HasValue etc, etc,

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I tried the !cs.date_closed.HasValue suggestion and nothing was returned, if i run a query in sql server: select * from tblCases where date_closed is NULL I get results... – DarkW1nter Mar 24 '10 at 15:56
I would do a quick test and make sure it is generating the right SQL. var query = (from cs in db.tblCases where !cs.date_closed.HasValue); Console.WriteLine((query as ObjectQuery<tblCases >).ToTraceString()); – Nix Mar 24 '10 at 18:09

Assuming your date_closed property is of a nullable type, e.g. Nullable<DateTime> aka DateTime?, that should be fine.

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