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I made a batch file with the following line

net stop audiosrv & net start audiosrv

It just flashes and closes, not actually doing the command. I think I saw something about administrator privileges in the command window but it flashed too fast to tell. What is wrong?

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add a pause statement, either as a new line or append &pause to your existing. You will then be able to read the message. In all probability, you need to run the command with administrator privilege. Try right-clicking and select "Run as administrator" –  Magoo Aug 2 '14 at 0:39
run as admin worked. thanks –  LazerWing Aug 2 '14 at 1:17

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The audio service is started by Windows using local system account and therefore it is not possible to stop this service without administrator privileges as command net outputs.

The solution is clicking with right (secondary) mouse button on batch file and click with left (primary) mouse button in context menu on Run as Administrator as Magoo already suggested before.

For testing a batch file just created, it is always useful to open a command prompt window and run the batch file from within this window by entering name (with path if needed) and hitting RETURN. A shortcut for opening a command prompt window can be found in Accessories menu of Windows start menu, or the command cmd.exe is executed which also opens a console window.

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