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My filter is not being registered and not sure where it's getting tripped up.

In test/templatetags


test_tags.py includes

from django import template

register.filter('intcomma', intcomma)

def intcomma(value):
    return value + 1

test/templates includes pdf_test.html with the following contents

{% load test_tags %} 
    <li>{{ value |intcomma |floatformat:"0"</li>

float format works fine but no luck on intcomma

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First of all, you haven't defined register:

To be a valid tag library, the module must contain a module-level variable named register that is a template.Library instance, in which all the tags and filters are registered.

Also, I usually decorate the function with register.filter:

from django import template

register = template.Library()

def intcomma(value):
    return value + 1
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That's not my issue, you can use both methods as described in the docs –  user2954587 Aug 2 at 1:29
@user2954587 yup, but still, you didn't have register defined. –  alecxe Aug 2 at 1:30
Understood, but still not working. Any other ideas or ways to test what's going on? –  user2954587 Aug 2 at 1:32
@user2954587 ok, are you getting any errors? –  alecxe Aug 2 at 1:33
extremely stupid error on my part with collectstatic. Thank you for your patience! –  user2954587 Aug 2 at 1:53

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