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I am trying to write a RESTful Google app engine application (Python) that accepts requests only from another GAE that I wrote. I dont like any of the ways that I thought of getting this done, please advise if you know of something better than:

  • Get SSL setup, and simply add the credentials on the request that my consuming app will send. I dont like it cause SSL will slow things down.

  • Security by obsecurity. Add a random number in my request that is in Xmod0, where X is a secret number that both applications know. I just don't like this.

  • Check the HTTP header to see where is the request coming from. This option is the one that I hate the least, not alot of processing, and spoofing an HTTP request is not really worth it, for my application's data.

Is there any other clean solution for this?

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Use an HMAC. Embed the same secret in each app, and sign requests and responses using the HMAC. Don't forget to include nonces and timestamps to prevent replay attacks!

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