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I have tried to make a file in java using a Netbeans compiler that works fantastic on Linux except that when i try to make a file from the like this ---> File x = new File("file_name"); I check to see if the file exists and it doesn't.

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Doing File x = new File("file_name"); does not create a file, but only a File object instance. To actually create the file, you have to call the createNewFile() method on the created instance:

File x = new File("file_name");

Note that createNewFile() will return true if the file didn't already exist and was successfully created, and false if a file with the specified name already exists.

Here's a link to the documentation.

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File x = new File("file_name");

never creates a new file. It simply is a reference to a file object. In order to create a new file with a name you will have to call createNewFile() method on the reference to the file object like

File f = new File("name");

And inorder to check if it exists call exists() method like

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Cool that helped a ton. I should have just looked up the function to make sure i was using it right. – user3901435 Aug 4 '14 at 3:53

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