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I want to code some script (language is not a problem), which will open a site in webbrowser or webbrowser control. but the problem I am facing is that some sites have javascript alerts/confirm (ok/cancel) buttons appear during start or if some error occurs. I don't want the user to click these buttons manually, but write some code which clicks these messages. is there any way to do so?

EDIT: I have requirement from a client to create a new desktop application or plugin for browser which will send OK message for all confirm or alerts. Please note that I don't have access to code for these websites user want to visit. Hope this will make it more clear.

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I think really you would be looking at some sort of automated UI tool for this. –  James Aug 2 at 7:22
It will help u stackoverflow.com/questions/10749959/… –  Amrendra Aug 2 at 7:24

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Depends what are your exact requirements you could check something like Selenium, which is a free and powerful UI automation tool. If you can be bound to exactly one browser, you could maybe take advantage of augmented browsing tools like greasemonkey.

Although I don't know if this satisfies your requirements - I have a feeling that you require this for mobile, since you are mentioning webbrowser control. But I hope it's a good start point for figuring it out further.

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