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One of the projects requires support much higher version php used in main web project

- Debian 7.6 (3.2 x86_64)
- Nginx 1.6.0
- php-fpm (PHP 5.3.28)

My task: Install alternate version of php-fpm (php) and use it in another web project.
I don't want to install Apache with the desired version of php (mod-php) and use Nginx as frontend for Apache

Please describe other ways of resolving my situation, if they exist

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Why don't you want to use the newest php version for all projects? –  Charlotte Dunois Aug 2 at 7:25
But well, here is a howto howtoforge.com/… Dunno if you use ISPConfig, but maybe it's useful. –  Charlotte Dunois Aug 2 at 7:26
Charlotte Dunois This suggests that programmers will transform the entire project, but there is no money. We need to run another project, with a new php, but just do not have the money to buy an additional server. This server ample power –  Gineaser Aug 2 at 7:31
Charlotte Dunois I don't take into account use ISPСonfig. I used to manage your system "from A to Z", without the use of third party administration utilities –  Gineaser Aug 2 at 7:36

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I was researching this topic in the past. Never went through with it but you might find this useful.

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