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I have an sqlite table that contains a BLOB file, but need to do a size/length check on the blob, how do I do that?

According to some documentation I did find, using length(blob) won't work, because length() only works on texts and will stop counting after the first NULL. My empirical tests have shown this to be true.

I'm using SQLite 3.4.2


So as of SQLite 3.7.6 it appears as though the length() function returns the correct value of blobs - I checked various change-logs of sqlite, but did not see in what version this was corrected.

From Sqlite 3.7.6:


The documentation was changed to reflect this.

length(X)   The length(X) function returns the length of X in characters if X is
            a string, or in bytes if X is a blob. If X is NULL then length(X) is
            NULL. If X is numeric then length(X) returns the length of a string 
            representation of X.
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haven't had this problem, but you could try length(hex(glob))/2

Update (Aug-2012): For SQLite 3.7.6 (released April 12, 2011) and later, length(blob_column) works as expected both both text and binary data.

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Yep thats it! thanks. –  Petriborg Oct 30 '08 at 22:56

for me length(blob) works just fine, gives the same results like the other.

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For a binary blob? That would be in violation of the SQLite documentation which says blobs are treated as text and as such length() is accurate only until it finds a \0 character. –  Petriborg Sep 24 '10 at 10:55
The current documentation at sqlite.org/lang_corefunc.html says "The length(X) function returns the length of X in characters if X is a string, or in bytes if X is a blob." –  Govert Nov 12 '10 at 22:21

LENGTH() function in sqlite 3.7.13 on Debian 7 does not work, but LENGTH(HEX())/2 works fine.

# sqlite --version
3.7.13 2012-06-11 02:05:22 f5b5a13f7394dc143aa136f1d4faba6839eaa6dc

# sqlite xxx.db "SELECT docid, LENGTH(doccontent), LENGTH(HEX(doccontent))/2 AS b FROM cr_doc LIMIT 10;"
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Example of a select query that does this, getting the length of the blob in column myblob, in table mytable, in row 3:

select length(myblob) from mytable where rowid=3;
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