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I have an intermittent issue with displaying a partial for a field's value on the show pages. If I include a partial like the following:

show do
  field :job_assignment_histories do
    pretty_value do
      if bindings[:object].job_assignment_histories.present?
          partial: "job_assignment_histories/table", 
          locals: {job_assignment_histories: bindings[:object].job_assignment_histories}

I will occasionally get a list of the model's object reference like:

JobAssignmentHistory#25, JobAssignmentHistory#26, JobAssignmentHistory#27

instead of getting the partial included.

Is this related to pjax? I can't set pjax to false on a show page, so how do I work around this other than turning off pjax altogether?

Btw, this never happens in development, only in staging/production.

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Just referencing your issue on github: github.com/sferik/rails_admin/issues/2031 –  Marc Lainez Aug 11 '14 at 17:00
stackoverflow.com/questions/20651623/… related? –  Slartibartfast Aug 12 '14 at 9:36

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It turned out to be an issue where if the partial is being rendered an an error occurs, all that is displayed is a reference to the object. This seems like a perfectly reasonable way of handling it from the standpoint of RailsAdmin. But you can't seem to return back to a state where the partial is being rendered unless the server is restarted. I would guess this has to do with pjax caching the view, but even when removing pjax this is the behavior.

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