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I have been writing my own speech recognition program in C# using Microsoft's speech engine for a couple of weeks now and I have used the iTunes Library .dll file to control iTunes. The problem I have with this though is, if the recognition engine misinterprets 'Close' as 'Pause' and iTunes isn't open, the program crashes. I want to know how or if it would be possible to write an if statement that will only execute if iTunes is open. If I need to be more specific, let me know and I will update the question.

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Sounds like you mean to ask "how do I check if a program is running" and in which case, I would point you in this direction stackoverflow.com/questions/1742787/… –  ByteBlast Aug 2 at 13:55

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Use the Process.GetProcessByName function:

var isRunning = Process.GetProcessByName("iTunes").Any();
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