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I'm looking at modernizr which is supposed to help with feature detection which is supposedly the bees knees in figuring out if your website is compatible with a given web browser but I do not see anything that indicates that I can use it to detect custom HTML elements that we create & define in our content.

If it's not modernizr, how do I reliably detect whether a browser is capable of handling custom HTML elements the "HTML 5" way?

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You really don't have to. If you include the code that makes old versions of IE work properly, then your non-standard elements will work on all modern browsers. It's a questionable practice, however, to do that anyway. –  Pointy Aug 2 at 15:48
Let me clarify - the intention is to not support old versions and notify users that they need to upgrade the browsers. We have no intention of supporting older browsers. –  this Aug 2 at 16:40
Ah. Well I'm not sure how you'd check for that; there are probably different things that happen in different old browsers when an unknown tag is encountered. –  Pointy Aug 2 at 16:55

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Modernizr doesn't have a test for this at the moment, however since it has an API to create the element, it should be as simple as

var supportsCustomElements = ('registerElement' in document)

(more info on the in operator)

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Just to clarify - Since registerElement is a HTML5 thing, I actually don't need to have modernizr in order to test using the code you provided, right? –  this Aug 2 at 17:16
Totally! You actually don't need anything to run what I have used, it can literally run in any javascript engine. I updated the answer for more info on the in operator. –  Patrick Aug 2 at 17:48
Awesome! However, it doesn't seem to be the right solution because IE 9+ does not have registerElement defined on the document even though it does indeed render custom elements as expected. How bizarre. For now, I have a workaround -- I use "register" in xtag and use Mozilla's x-tag library which does give the correct answers (so far). Maybe we'll find a better solution than that? –  this Aug 2 at 20:02
do you mean custom tags or custom elements? Custom Elements (w3c.github.io/webcomponents/spec/custom) is definitely not supported in IE 9 caniuse.com/#search=custom elements –  Patrick Aug 2 at 20:34
Ah, I did not realize there is a difference between custom tags and custom elements. Now I'm unsure if what I'm wanting is actually tags so let's elaborate -- all I want to do is be able to do <my-own-tag class="foo bar">...</my-own-tag> --- I didn't really need what x-tag library (nor polymer library) offers as they add lifecycle events when registering a custom elements which I have no need at the present for. When I tested, I found it to work on IE 9+ and others. The odd thing is that Mozilla's x-tag library claims it can work on IE 9+. I assume they do polyfilling for custom elements? –  this Aug 2 at 20:51

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