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I have this mysql tables I want to display with jqgrid. The problem appears when I want to display a parametrized query.

For example lets say I want to display all students older than 21. I have this variable named age which I want to pass to server.php file where I can construct the XML or JSON.

On server I see some variables like $examp = $_REQUEST["q"]; but I dont know where to put $age to be accesed in server.php


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I am confused, do you want to use age for a client-side Search?

If so, perhaps this link will help:

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I actually get the answer myself right now ... it's like this

url:'server.php?id=< ? php echo $id; ? > ', and so on ...

The server.php has a line like $id = $_GET['id'], and from here I can construct my sql querys as I need.

This is what I needed ...

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+1 for figuring it out, but it was unclear from your question what you really wanted. – Justin Ethier Mar 24 '10 at 18:42

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