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This is a static function which is an unmanaged function which I am trying to call from a managed CLR project. But everytime I add the erase an exception happens. Both classes are inside the same project I keep getting an exception on the erase,

    #pragma managed(push, off)
    void MessageContainer::ParseByteStream(UINT8 *buf, int length)
        s_RxBufVector.insert(s_RxBufVector.end(), buf, buf + length);
        if (s_RxBufVector.size() >= sizeof(Msg_Struct) * 2)
            int BytesConsumed = 0;
            s_RxBufIterator = s_RxBufVector.begin();
            while (BytesConsumed < (int)s_RxBufVector.size() - sizeof(Msg_Struct))
                if (ntohl(*((UINT32 *)&s_RxBufVector[BytesConsumed + __PREAMBLE_OFFSET])) == PreambleVal)
                    switch (ntohl(*((UINT32 *)&s_RxBufVector[BytesConsumed + __COMMAND_ID_OFFSET])))
                    case eCommandIdRxMsg:
                        if (MsgRx != nullptr)
                            (*MsgRx)(ntohl(*((UINT32*)&s_RxBufVector[BytesConsumed + __ID_OFFSET])), ntohs(*((UINT16*)(&s_RxBufVector[BytesConsumed + __CHANNEL_OFFSET]))),
                                ntohs(*((UINT16*)&s_RxBufVector[BytesConsumed + __LENGTH_OFFSET])), &s_RxBufVector[BytesConsumed + __BUFFER_OFFSET]);
                    case eCommandIdCmdAck:
                        if (CmdAck != nullptr)
                    case eCommandIdSendAck:
                        if (TxConf != nullptr)
                    BytesConsumed += sizeof(Msg_Struct);
            s_RxBufVector.erase(s_RxBufIterator, s_RxBufIterator + BytesConsumed);

        static std::vector<UINT8, std::allocator<UINT8>> s_RxBufVector;
        static std::vector<UINT8>::iterator s_RxBufIterator;

Is there something wrong with the Vector accessing.

An unhandled exception of type 'System.AccessViolationException' occurred

Break stops here _Adopt(_Right._Myproxy->_Mycont);

Worse is that I was trying to delete 24 Bytes at the beginning when the size is already 48


Ok, I found commenting out the code for the callback to the managed code solves the Exception but does not help me either

(*MsgRx)(ntohl(*((UINT32*)&s_RxBufVector[BytesConsumed + __ID_OFFSET])), ntohs(* (UINT16*)(&s_RxBufVector[BytesConsumed + __CHANNEL_OFFSET]))), ntohs(*((UINT16*)&s_RxBufVector[BytesConsumed + __LENGTH_OFFSET])), &s_RxBufVector[BytesConsumed + __BUFFER_OFFSET]);

The Callback is declared here

delegate void MessageReceivedCallbackDelegate(UInt32 Id, UInt16 Channel, UInt16 len, Byte *data);

MessageContainer::SetMessageRxCB((void*)Marshal::GetFunctionPointerForDelegate(gcnew MessageReceivedCallbackDelegate(MessageReceived)));

void MessageContainer::SetMessageRxCB(void *fn)
        MsgRx = (RxCbFn)fn;

Seems like the managed code is causing some problems to the vector. Probably something wrong with how I try to call the managed code, I need some hints :)


Ok, I forgot to decorate the delegates

delegate void MessageReceivedCallbackDelegate(UInt32 Id, UInt16 Channel, UInt16 Dlc, Byte *data)
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1) erase invalidates iterators in a vector, and you're calling erase with an iterator value that may be invalid. 2) Why don't you output the index values you're using for the vector? Or use the vector::at function to determine if you're going out of bounds. –  PaulMcKenzie Aug 2 '14 at 19:55
Ok, I forgot to decorate the delegates [UnmanagedFunctionPointerAttribute(CallingConvention::Cdecl)] delegate void MessageReceivedCallbackDelegate(UInt32 Id, UInt16 Channel, UInt16 Dlc, Byte *data) –  WinterS Aug 2 '14 at 20:40

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