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I have following two models:



Skill (has_one: category)


my confusion is that, how can i made simple Factory Girl objects for category and skill ?

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FactoryGirl.define do
      factory :category do
          category_name 'Name'              

FactoryGirl.define do
      factory :skill do
          skill_name 'Name'  
          skill_desc 'Desc'
          category { create(:category) }            

I'd recommend looking into the Faker gem so that you can get unique text injected into your models. This will be helpful once add any unique validations.

Also, IMO, it is redundant to name pre-pend column names with the name of the table.

Just to be clear, because your skill table has the category foreign key, it is considered to "belong_to category" in rails terminology, not "has one".

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