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Hey i got small problem getting an unknown curl error from my script "curl_error(): 180 is not a valid cURL handle resource". Im not able to find any recourses about that error so maybe anyone has any experience with this.

Thanks already.

Heres the part which causes the error and exact log: PHP Warning: curl_error(): 180 is not a valid cURL handle resource on

    $resp = curl_error($ch); // Thats the line causing the error  
    error_log(date('Y M D h:s:m '). ":  $current error:  "  .curl_error($ch)."\n", 3, '../../usererrors/'.$username.'errors');  
    return $resp;  
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Can you post some code? – Yacoby Mar 24 '10 at 17:26
Hm i think that i might be for calling curl_error($ch); after curl_close($ch); Going to do quick test :) – Kaido Mar 24 '10 at 17:56

I must admit that the error was caused by calling curl_close before curl_error. So case closed hope someone got some help from this as well :)

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