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I'm trying to make an XSSFWorkbook like this

File file = new File(fileName);
Workbook workbook = new XSSFWorkbook(file);

But I get the error:

The constructor XSSFWorkbook(File) is undefined

I checked here: http://poi.apache.org/apidocs/org/apache/poi/xssf/usermodel/XSSFWorkbook.html and it says that there is a constructor that takes files

XSSFWorkbook(java.io.File file)
Constructs a XSSFWorkbook object from a given file.

Why isn't it working?

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I couldn't think of anything other than asking you to check if the poi jars are in your build path. –  raj Aug 3 at 4:35
might be a poi jar version issue. You might be using old version. –  Sanjeev Aug 3 at 4:54
The JavaDocs on the Apache POI website always refer to the latest version. Most likely you're running an older one / have older jars than you meant on your classpath. Can you try upgrading your POI version? –  Gagravarr Aug 3 at 10:40
In 3.9, there's no constructor which takes a File. Make sure you use either the latest version or use a constructor that is available in your version. –  Jonathan Drapeau Aug 5 at 19:20
I downloaded version 3.10 from here: poi.apache.org/download.html and added poi, poi-ooxml, and even poi-ooxml-shemas(not sure if I need this one) to my build path. HSSFWorkbook works fine but the XSSFWorkbook still says the constructor is undefined. –  LazerWing Aug 9 at 14:28

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