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I've got a bit of a calendar I'm building with events that go beyond the boundary of one day.

I've got a graph which shows how many events are running concurrently. In order to graph out the events which go into another day, I look for hours>24, and run an extra bit of code.

jQuery('li#hour'+placeGroup+'_'+schedDay2+'_'+thisHour,nextDay).data('count', numEvents).html('<span class="ui-corner-all">'+printHour+'<br/>'+numEvents+' scheduled</span>').css('height',numEvents*5+'px');

The code is working, the li items are being found, proper height is the css is being applied, data is set, which I've checked by running


right after the previous bit of code.

The only thing that isn't being done is the .html(add span) stuff. I run this code in two places. Once when the page loads, and once when an action is taken which changes the number of events via an ajax response.

The li DOM object I'm writing to is created before the script is run, and the height is being applied, but not the span, and only on page load.

Any ideas on this one? I'm stumped.

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I don't see any <span> tags in there, though I guess that's not really very important for the basic problem. What happens when you change the alert to show the value of "html()" on the <li>? –  Pointy Mar 24 '10 at 18:05
thanks pointy, I always forget to check that I've replaced the html tags with the &; stuff. as for the html output, it looks like you are correct. that is being output, so the html is written, but being overwritten later. I'm looking into why that is. –  pedalpete Mar 24 '10 at 18:17

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