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I am rather new to web programming. So this question is probably rather basic.

I have a ASP.NET page using MVC that can take a parameter and return a page that contains a slider. I would like the slider to trigger getting a new page where the parameter corresponds to the setting of the slider.

How do I write the callback in the slider to trigger this page refresh with the correct parameter?

The controller has the following signature:

public class TaskController : Controller
    private WebApplication7Entities db = new WebApplication7Entities();

    // GET: /Task/
    public ActionResult Index(int? id)

The View (cshtml) has the following code:

@model WebApplication7.Models.Revision_Range_Current_Revision_Tasks_of_this_Revision
@section scripts{
        $(function () {
              min: @(Model.min_revision), 
              max: @(Model.max_revision), 
              value: @(Model.current_revision),
              slide: function(event, ui) { 


What I need is the snippet of code to replace xxxx_get_page_task_with_parm(ui.value).

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I figured it out.

$(function () {
    $("#slider").slider({ min: @(Model.min_revision), max: @(Model.max_revision), value: @(Model.current_revision) 
                         , slide: function(event, ui) { window.location = '/Task/Index?id=' + ui.value}

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