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I'm doing a project in which I have to merge a signature image of the user on to a .pdf file. First I converted all the pages of the pdf file into series of images using Ghostscript and loaded all of them in a div. Then the user drops a signature by signing in a canvas and places it using the mouse pointer. I get the user's location using e.clientX and e.clientY which returns value in pixel coordinates.

I took the coordinates, page number and the captured image from canvas and passed it to FPDF but it placed the image in a different location. Then I found that FDPF uses mm precision. How do i sort this out?

Is there any other simpler way to accomplish my task? Solutions or Suggestions place.

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Try this formula : [VALUE_IN_PIXELS] * [MM_IN_INCH] / [DPI], Where MM_IN_INCH = 25.4 –  Syed Qarib Aug 3 at 13:56
@SyedQarib How do I find the DPI of my pdf file? –  DhiwaTdG Aug 5 at 17:51
This is the document DPI, it would be 96 i think –  Syed Qarib Aug 6 at 6:07
Its working exactly. Thank you so much. –  DhiwaTdG Aug 7 at 2:16
I have posted this as an answer, accept it to close the thread .. –  Syed Qarib Aug 7 at 5:52

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Try getting result using this formula :


MM_IN_INCH = 25.4
DPI = 96
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