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There are so many different counter scripts I'm not sure where to start, what's overkill and what's not.

I'm looking for a simple counter script that fires when the target element first appears into view onscreen (for example, does not fire until scrolled into view)

The idea is that all I have to do to get the element to animate/count when scrolled into view, is give it a class of counter.

For example, html will be:

<span class="counter">99</span><span class="counter">55</span>

First, those elements would be set to visibility:hidden until scrolled into view. Then, they would increment from 0 to the value of the text node (99 and 55 in this case) and stop when they reach the value. Some sort of ease out effect may be desirable but isn't a must (for example, start fast and slow down as it reaches the value)

Thanks in advance. Just looking for the simplest solution.

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there are lots of page scroll plugins, what have you tried? – charlietfl Aug 3 '14 at 14:08
Well you need to show an attempt, otherwise this looks like a write some code for me question – charlietfl Aug 3 '14 at 14:20
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This is a complete code for your purpose:

function isElementVisible($elementToBeChecked)
    var TopView = $(window).scrollTop();
    var BotView = TopView + $(window).height();
    var TopElement = $elementToBeChecked.offset().top;
    var BotElement = TopElement + $elementToBeChecked.height();
    return ((BotElement <= BotView) && (TopElement >= TopView));

$(window).scroll(function () {
    $( ".counter" ).each(function() {
    isOnView = isElementVisible($(this));
        if(isOnView && !$(this).hasClass('Starting')){

function startTimer($this) {
        $this.html($this.html() - 1);
    }, 1000); 

The isElementVisible function help to find out is a control is appeared on the screen after every scroll or not.

Then you call this function of every scroll and if a .counter element appear on display, then start timer ONLY for THIS element using the startTimer function.

The !$(this).hasClass('Starting') is added to code to prevent unwanted call function, when a timer is started before and scroll on it again and again. When a timer start for first time, the Starting class is added to element and is skipped in next times.

>>> JSFiddle Sample

You can see that every timer start only when is seen and other counters don't start until those are seen too.

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Moshaf, this gets me started. However, it counts backwards. How can I modify it to count from zero, up to the target number, then stop? – RegEdit Aug 3 '14 at 16:10
In the startTimer function you can check the $this.html() value and doing what you want easily. You can set the defaults to zero and +1 instead of -1 and check $this.html() if reach to specific number, stop counting. – Moshtaf Aug 3 '14 at 16:35

Looks like part of your question already has an answer: Start executing jQuery function when I scroll to a specific <div>

The answer on that question has a jsfiddle that will get you started. It's a matter of writing a simple counter script in start_count

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