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hey guys, I am starting to get frustrated. I have a function I am using to fade a comment in after it is inserted. It works only with jquery 1.1.2 however, so none of the other functions on my page will work. If I try to use it with a newer version, comments will not show up since display is set to none in css so that comments can be faded. Does anyone know of a modification to make it work with jquery 1.3.2?

  function success(response, status)  { 
          if(status == 'success') {
            lastTime = response.time;
            $('input[@name=message]').attr('value', '').focus();
            timeoutID = setTimeout(refresh, 3000);
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This: $('input[@name=message]')
Should be: $('input[name=message]')

Source: jQuery 1.2 Release Notes, under Removed Functionality - it still works on 1.2 (deprecated ), but was removed on 1.3:

The '@' in [@attr] has been removed. Deprecated since 1.2 this old syntax no longer works. Simply remove the @ to upgrade.

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I really appreciate your help man, it works. This was the fastest response I have ever received, this site and it's community rocks. – Scarface Mar 24 '10 at 19:01
No problem. Welcome to Stack Overflow! – Kobi Mar 24 '10 at 19:03

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