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How to use bean in JSP with only <jsp:useBean>, not MVC?

Assume you have a grade.txt file which contains following data:

Tom 90
Jerry 70
Katy 80
John 60

It asks you to create a bean named, a JSP page named graderesult.jsp, and a html page named gradecheck.html.

gradecheck.html provides a input textbox and a button submit, once you submit the name of the student, the graderesult.jsp will communicates with bean to show the name and the score corresponding to the person.

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What have you tried? What is the problem you are having? – Mark B Mar 24 '10 at 19:02
Hi Nick. Welcome. I'd suggest rephrasing your question into an actual question. What are you having trouble with? If you just want someone to write all the code for you, you won't get very far. – Dan Mar 24 '10 at 19:03

You can make use of <jsp:setProperty name="beanname" property="*" /> to "automatically" set all request parameters as bean properties matching the property name. As this is a typical homework question, I won't give complete code examples, but only hints:

  1. Create a bean Grade with a property name.
  2. Add a constructor which loads the data from the text file into a Map<String, Integer> property representing name-score pairs. Learn more about Java IO here and about Java Maps here.
  3. Add a "special" getter getScore() which returns the score from the Map using the name as key.
  4. Create a form with <input type="text" name="name"> in the gradecheck.html. Let the form submit to graderesult.jsp. The request method doesn't matter, I would prefer POST though.
  5. In the graderesult.jsp use <jsp:useBean> to declare and instantiate the bean in request scope and use <jsp:setProperty> to "automatically" set all input values in the bean.
  6. Use EL to show the name by ${} and the associated score by ${grade.score}.

Good luck.

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