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I am using ASP.NET 2.0 and its various providers. I have overridden most of the methods I need and have the following custom providers:

ProjectMembershipProvider ProjectProfileProvider ProjectRoleProvider

In the design of my project, my intention was to wrap the custom providers in a facade - style design - mixing and matching profiling, membership, and roles in API methods to simplify things for developers.

But, I am finding that a lot of the methods in my custom providers don't need to change, really. And, it seems silly to wrap a stand-alone method in another method that does exactly the same thing.

So - is my approach wrong? Or, should I allow end - users to instantiate the custom providers when needed and the mix/match api when needed? This seems a bit redundant to me but I can't see another way.

Advice appreciated.


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When I wrote a custom provider set, I simply inherited from the existing asp.net providers and would overide any methods that needed custom logic.

I also used .Net reflector to look into the existing asp.net providers code, just to make sure there wasn't any dependancies I had to worry about. Hope that helps

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OK, thanks... I think I am trying to be too fancy... –  Code Sherpa Mar 25 '10 at 4:09

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