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I have used the jquery quicksearch plugin and it works fine, except for one problem. I would like the quicksearch to run when the page is loaded. I have created a second quicksearch function (which is called when the page is loaded) and changed the bind to something else, but it won't work on "load" or "ready".

If I change the bind to "focus" and put the focus onto the textfield it works, but only in IE.

The reason I want to do this is because there is a "view" link where the user leaves the page. When they come back, I would like the search results to be as they left them.

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I fixed this problem by adding a new jQuery function called "quicksearch2" and made the bind to "focus". I put both functions to the element. When someone comes onto the page, the focus is put onto the textbox. –  user301084 Jul 30 '10 at 13:44

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lazy solution for you:

//$('search_input').attr('value', search_term); // optional - put something in the search box
$('search_input').keyup(); //trigger the search onload})
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actually thinking about it, it's probably because doc.ready isnt when all js is loaded, so the quick search plugin isnt finished initialising when u call it on page load.

instead you should use a callback on the plugin initialisation

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You can use:

'onAfter': function ()

More functions:

$('input#search').quicksearch('table tbody tr', {

'delay': 100,
'selector': 'th',
'stripeRows': ['odd', 'even'],
'loader': 'span.loading',
'noResults': 'tr#noresults',
'bind': 'keyup keydown',
'onBefore': function () {
    console.log('on before');
'onAfter': function () {
    console.log('on after');
'show': function () {
'hide': function () {
'prepareQuery': function (val) {
    return new RegExp(val, "i");
'testQuery': function (query, txt, _row) {
    return query.test(txt);

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