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I would like to have a two page Indesign document. First page has text + image and second page has 2 images. The images should come from a csv file that gets data merged with the Indesign document. Is this achievable. I have only been able to do a data merge when I have one page, but then all pages have the same layout. Is this possible and how do I do it? Thanks.

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Want to do by coding? –  user3553017 Aug 3 at 18:20
Why not? Coding shouldn't be a problem. How do I do it with coding? –  Snels Nick Aug 4 at 7:57
Good question. I will start by searching some API to manipulate the indesign. Maybe a good soul know any and answer. –  user3553017 Aug 4 at 13:42
@Bisconcini I found a work around for the problem. I am going to work with an XML file. An XML file offers a little bit more flexibility. Thank you for your help. –  Snels Nick Aug 4 at 17:58
You're welcome. Xml is the way. –  user3553017 Aug 4 at 18:01

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