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I have a project, it's inside a sandbox, I introduced a test-suite in my cabal file and it build-depends on hunit ==1.2.*. The problem is when I try to configure:

$ cabal configure --enable-tests
Resolving dependencies...
Configuring MyProject-
cabal: At least the following dependencies are missing:
hunit ==1.2.*

A few more attempts to get it to come around:

$ cabal install --dependencies-only
Resolving dependencies...
All the requested packages are already installed:
Use --reinstall if you want to reinstall anyway.


$ cabal install hunit
Resolving dependencies...
All the requested packages are already installed:
Use --reinstall if you want to reinstall anyway.


$ cabal install --enable-tests
Resolving dependencies...
cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:
trying: MyProject- (user goal)
rejecting: MyProject-!test (global constraint requires opposite flag selection)
trying: MyProject-*test
next goal: hunit (dependency of MyProject-*test)
fail (unknown package: hunit)
Dependency tree exhaustively searched.

--reinstalling did nothing.
I even played with the --user and --global flags, even tho I'm using cabal and not runhaskell, it doesn't help it.
I also tried to delete & re-init the sandbox.
I tried just deleteing the sandbox too, and it still gave me the same error.
ghc-pkg check finds nothing wrong.

What could it be?
By the way a part of me is suspicious that cabal ignores that my project is in a sandbox, since it didn't bother to install some packages that were already on my machine; it does so on my Windows (this is on Ubuntu). Is it possible to get that checked?

Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
GHC version: 7.6.3
cabal-install version:
Cabal library version:

Also tried now with cabal-install without success.

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cabal install --enable-tests? –  Mark Whitfield Aug 3 at 18:55
To expand on @MarkWhitfield 's comment, cabal install does a configure. Pass it the configuration flags you need. –  Carl Aug 3 at 22:21
@MarkWhitfield @Carl Thank you. I've tried it and unfortunately it didn't work. For some reason hunit is an unknown package now..? I've updated the question with the details. –  MasterMastic Aug 4 at 8:09

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Package names are case sensitive in Cabal/Hackage, the correct package name is HUnit. Change the line in your cabal file containing:

hunit ==1.2.*


HUnit ==1.2.*
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I just died laughing. Thank you so much! it's working perfectly. –  MasterMastic Aug 4 at 9:26

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