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I've been testing the manage.py script of django. My problem is that my tests always run against the production or general configuration /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages instead of my local test directory, for example: /home/<user>/Code/django/django-dev/django/. Any idea to set this?

This is my sys.path:


I tried to run the script with the PYTHONPATH set as /home/<user>/Code/django/django-dev/django/, but it didn't work either.

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are you using virtualenv? –  thebjorn Aug 3 at 21:39
Nope. Could it help me with this? I'm on linux anyway. –  Gabriel Muñumel Aug 3 at 21:41
There's nothing too linux specific about virtualenv, but whenever you need more than one environment on the same machine virtualenv is your friend (and it's easy to use too). –  thebjorn Aug 3 at 21:43
You should really always be using a virtualenv for your development projects. –  IanAuld Aug 3 at 22:53
remember, no virtualenv no party. –  levi Aug 4 at 16:29

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