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I'm trying to use Zend_Paginator with Zend_Db_Table_Abstract to get data rowset.

I've faced with problem in receive data from variable.

My error content

"Fatal error: Cannot use object of type Zend_Paginator as array in C:\xampp\htdocs\applications\quickstart\application\views\scripts\index\text.phtml on line 8"


class Application_Model_Text extends Zend_Db_Table_Abstract
    protected $_name = 'text';

    public function getTexts($page)
        $query = $this->select();

        $paginator = new Zend_Paginator(new Zend_Paginator_Adapter_DbSelect($query));

        return $paginator;


public function textAction()
    $page = $this->getParam('page');
    $textModel = new Application_Model_Text();
    $data = $textModel->getTexts($page);
    $this->view->text = $data;


<div id="pagination">
    <?php $pageVariable = ($this->page)?$this->page: 'page' ?>
    <a href="<?= $this->url(array($pageVariable => $this->previous)) ?>">Back</a>
    <p>Strona <?= $this->current ?></p>
    <a href="<?= $this->url(array($pageVariable => $this->next)) ?>">Next</a>


<?php $text = $this->text; ?>
<div id="pagination-box">
    <?= $this->paginationControl($text, 'Sliding', array('pagination.phtml', 'default')) ?>
    <div id="text">
        <p><?= $text['text'] ?></p>

Anyone has idea what I'm doing wrong?
I'm new to Zend but I really enjoy that framework.
In advance thank's for the help :)

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<div id="text">
    <p><?= $text['text'] ?></p>

To ('text' is a set of items so you need to iterate) :

<?php foreach($text as $row):?>
  <div id="text">
  <?= $row->text ?>
<?php endforeach ?>
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It works! Thank's a lot :) –  user3898748 Aug 4 at 13:53

Zend paginator returns array of rowsets, so in your index.phtml file $text is not an array, it is an object. Try to work with properties, like:

<?= $text->text; ?>
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I've try it already, and i got: <br/> Notice: Undefined property: Zend_Paginator::$text in C:\xampp\htdocs\applications\quickstart\application\views\scripts\index\text.pht‌​ml on line 7 –  user3898748 Aug 4 at 8:09

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