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I'm writing an installation script for my CakePHP web application. I have a InstallController with 6 actions: step1, step2, step3, etc.

At step1 I'm handling Config/database.php creation. Because this file is empty and no datasource is available I have to set public $uses = false; in the InstallController.

At step2 the Config/database.php file is set so I should be able to make a connection to the datasource. This is also necessary because I want to update some database fields in the following steps.

Is it possible to update the public $uses = false; in every following steps after step1?

I'm using CakePHP version 2.3.5

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Please always mention your exact CakePHP version and tag your question accordingly! –  ndm Aug 4 at 0:04

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Have you considered loading the model within the actions? So, something like:


App::uses('AppController', 'Controller');

class InstallController extends AppController {
    public $uses = false;

    public function step1() {


    public function step2() {
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Yes, this works.. Thanks! –  Matish Aug 4 at 20:21

In CakePHP 2.x models are lazy loaded, so as long as your step1 action doesn't try to make use of a model, you can safely declare the models in your controllers $uses property, they are not being constructed until your code actually makes use of them.

However, if for some reason you'd actually need to modify $uses, well then just do it, as mentioned models are lazy loaded, so you can modify $uses whenever you want and then access the models afterwards via magic properties on the controller.

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When I use public $uses = array('Install'); I get a datasource error. Roosevelt's solution works for me. Thanks for the info though! –  Matish Aug 4 at 20:24

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