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I have a node 'class' defined in a separate file as follows:

function Node_class(){

Node_class.prototype = {

    function _1 : function(){


module.exports.Node_class= Node_class;

now when I want to create a new instance of Node_class in a separate file so I did the following:

var node_object = new require('./node_class').Node_class();
node_object.function_1();//is not defined

node_object.function_1() is not defined in the separate file for some reason. Can someone help me export this node 'class' properly?

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There are a couple of things that are causing this. First, there's a space where there shouldn't be here:

function _1 : function(){

It's probably just a typo, but it should be:

function_1 : function(){

Second, if you're going to call new on require('./node_class').Node_class you need to wrap it in parenthesis:

var node_object = new (require('./node_class').Node_class)();

Or, alternatively, you could do:

var Node_class = require('./node_class').Node_class;
var node_object = new Node_class();
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