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Good afternoon,

I have an issue of adding a tabpage to a form from another form,

I am passing the MainForm as a parament to the PasswordForm. The password form is able to pass and instantiate the parameter without issues.

However, when I get to the line "mForm->mainTabView->TabPages->Add(EngrPage);" I get the errors:

error C2039: 'mainTabView' : is not a member of 'System::Windows::Forms::Form'

error C2227: left of '->TabPages' must point to class/struct/union/generic type

error C2227: left of '->Add' must point to class/struct/union/generic type

error C2065: 'EngrPage' : undeclared identifier

Without that line the code compiles and opens the second form without issues. On the MainForm I have a TabView called mainTabView with a tab called EngrPage

MainForm Code

private: System::Void unlockBtn_Click(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e) {
        Form^ rgForm = gcnew PasswordForm(this);

PasswordForm Code

public ref class PasswordForm : public System::Windows::Forms::Form
    System::Windows::Forms::Form^ mForm;

    PasswordForm(Form^ f)
        mForm = f;
    System::Void passwordBtn_Click(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e)
        if(password->Text == "test")

Just for reference, if I comment the line "mForm->mainTabView->TabPages->Add(EngrPage);" and uncomment the line "//this->mainTabView->TabPages->Add(EngrPage);" in MainForm, everything works fine and the tab gets added without issues.

Please help me fix this,


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