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I have an NSArray called carparkArr that contain MyCarpark objects. This class contain:

@property (nonatomic, assign) CLLocationCoordinate locationCoord;

Now I want to create an array that will have NSValue of each of these objects. How to do it quickly? I want something like:

NSArray *carparkArr = // fetching data
NSArray *locationProperty = [self getArrayForPropertyPath:@".locationCoord" forArray:carparkArr];
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Yeah that feature already exists:

NSArray *locationProperty = [carparkArr valueForKey:@"locationCoord"];
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Is that CLLocationCoordinate is a structure isn't a problem? NSArray cannot handle not NSObject elements. –  Szu Aug 4 at 12:07
@Szu KVC will wrap it automatically within an NSValue or NSNumber object. –  Droppy Aug 4 at 12:08
@Droppy oh yes, its correct.. –  iphonic Aug 4 at 12:08
Thanks. I didn't think Foundation framework is so smart! –  Szu Aug 4 at 12:12

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