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I have a form where you select a file out of a Html.dropdownlist.

             <%=Html.DropDownList("downloadableFiles", Model.DownloadFiles.Select(df => new SelectListItem
                Value = df.Reference.ToString(), 
                Text = df.Name

The Model.DownloadFiles have the following properties Reference, Name, and CreatedDate

Further along my code, I have the following(Took the first Element's creation date for now):

            <td class="formTableColLeft">
            <td class="formTableColRight">
                <% Html.Label( Model.DownloadFiles.First( ).CreationDate.ToShortDateString(), "LabelCreatedDate" ); %>

Question is how do I change the CreationDate text of the label whenever I change the Dropdown? So whenever I change the dropdown it should take the CreationDate of Model.DownloadFiles wherever it is equal to the selected reference and display it in the label.

Thank you in advance

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