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I have the following bios collection from mongodb's site

Now suppose I need to find all the users who have won awards, but not in the years 2001 and 2011

I was trying to us $nin and $in but I am getting unexpected results

db.bios.count({awards: {$elemMatch:{ year:{ $nin:[2001,2011] } }}});
//returns 7 - not expected


db.bios.count({awards: {$elemMatch:{ year:{ $in:[2001,2011] } }}});
//returns  4 - expected

What am I missing?

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Your current $nin query is counting the docs where at least one awards array element contains a year other than 2001 and 2011.

Use $nin without $elemMatch to match docs where none of the $nin array values appear in any element.

db.bios.count({'awards.year': {$nin:[2001,2011]}});

But that will also include docs without any awards entries. So to get a count of the docs with at least one award (i.e. users who have won awards), but none in 2001 or 2011 you need to $and in a qualifier that ensures awards has at least one element:

db.bios.count({$and: [
    {'awards.year': {$nin:[2001,2011]}},
    {'awards.0': {$exists: true}}
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