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hello i find solution here for preview image before upload but i need resize it too before upload , my js code

    function readURL(input) {

        if (input.files && input.files[0]) {
            var reader = new FileReader();

            reader.onload = function (e) {
                $('#blah').attr('src', e.target.result);



and html code :

<form action="ajaximage.php" class="form-horizontal" id="fuelux-wizard" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">
  <div style="margin: -15px 0 0 -10px;text-align:center" class="col-md-4">
      <div class="profile-img-ng-lg">
          <img id="blah" src="<?=base_url()?>upload/photos/misc/avatar/<?=$user_gender?>" alt="" width="150" height="150" />
      <div id="button_file">
        <button style="margin-right: -27px;margin-bottom: 40px;" type="button" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg"><i class="fa fa-picture-o"></i> Add Picture</button>
        <input name="profile_pic" id="profile_pic" type="file" />
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you need to use the canvas element –  Yann86 Aug 4 at 14:11
use white hat's simlpleimage php class link:white-hat-web-design.co.uk/blog/resizing-images-with-php –  Anonymous.X Aug 4 at 14:12
@Yann86 can you explain how it come ? –  Mohamed Ashraf Aug 4 at 14:55
@Mr.coder i want resize with jquery with out php and with out upload !! –  Mohamed Ashraf Aug 4 at 14:56
look this stackoverflow.com/a/19262385/1272540 –  Yann86 Aug 4 at 21:04

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