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I'm using duply/duplicity to backup our servers. In the pre script I want to use the $SOURCE variable to dump mysql databases into it. But the variable is not usable as mentioned in the documentation. :-(

Here's my pre script

echo "source: ${SOURCE}"

and the output is:

Output: source:

Thanks for any suggestions, Dirk

PS: pre file is executable (700). PS

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that's a bug in current duply.

[EDIT] fixed in duply 1.9.0 .. [/EDIT]

as a workaround remove the executable flag from your script unless you need a different interpreter than bash. the next duply release will address this issue.


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I'm sorry, but I don't understand what your workaround will cause. –  Dirk66 Aug 19 at 13:25
did you try it? ..ede/duply.net –  user3950027 Aug 21 at 16:56

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