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This HTML code has menu of targets and you need to select one target. One of these targets is ANY TARGET to continue process.

<tr id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:trigger-selectTable:0" class=" iceRowSelMouseOver" tabindex="0" onmouseover="this.className=' iceRowSelMouseOver';" onmouseout="Ice.enableTxtSelection(document.body); this.className='iceDatTblRow1 selectable-rowRow1 iceRowSel'" onmousedown="return Ice.preventTextSelection(event);" ondblclick="Ice.registerDblClick(this);" onclick="Ice.registerClick(this,'mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:trigger-selectTableclick_row','mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:trigger-selectTableclick_count','0','mainForm',200,true,event,false,'mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:trigger-selectTablesel_rows','');">
<td class="iceDatTblCol1 selectable-rowCol1" scope="row">
<a id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:trigger-selectTable_idx_0" class="iceHdnLnk" onfocus="return Ice.tblRowFocus(this, false);" onblur="return Ice.tblRowBlur(this);" href="#">
<img alt="" src="/ice/xmlhttp/css/xp/css-images/spacer.gif"/>
<span id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:trigger-selectTable:0:j_idt1417" class="iceOutTxt">ANY TARGET</span>
<td class="iceDatTblCol2 selectable-rowCol2">
<span id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:trigger-selectTable:0:j_idt1419" class="iceOutTxt select-icon">»</span>

How can I reach the ANY TARGET to click on >> to add using XPATH?

Extra Information:

The previous code is for sub window to add target. the main window code is:

<tr class="icePnlGrdRow1 settings-tableRow1">
<td id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:j_idt1305-2-0" class="icePnlGrdCol1 settings-tableCol1">
<table id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:j_idt1326" class="icePnlGrd settingsLabel">
<tr class="icePnlGrdRow1 settingsLabelRow1">
<td id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:j_idt1326-0-0" class="icePnlGrdCol1 settingsLabelCol1">
<span id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:j_idt1327" class="iceOutTxt label">Target</span>
<tr class="icePnlGrdRow2 settingsLabelRow2">
<td id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:j_idt1326-1-0" class="icePnlGrdCol1 settingsLabelCol1">
<span id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:j_idt1328" class="iceOutTxt sidenote">Target or group</span>
<td id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:j_idt1305-2-1" class="icePnlGrdCol2 settings-tableCol2">
<table id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:j_idt1329" class="icePnlGrd search">
<tr class="icePnlGrdRow1 searchRow1">
<td id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:j_idt1329-0-0" class="icePnlGrdCol1 searchCol1">
<span id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:j_idt1330" class="iceOutTxt"/>
<td id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:j_idt1329-0-1" class="icePnlGrdCol2 searchCol2">
<input id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:j_idt1331" class="iceCmdBtn" type="image" src="/ice/img/search-icon.png" onfocus="setFocus(this.id);" onclick="iceSubmitPartial(form, this, event);return false;" onblur="setFocus('');" name="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:j_idt1331"/>

I used ID to click on the targets to open the sub window


However, I did not get any response to add any target to my main window either I used the solutions you mentioned.

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You can reach the span containing "ANY TARGET":

//span[text() = "ANY TARGET"]

You can extend this to reach the span containing ">>" in the td immediately following the td that contains "ANY TARGET":

//td[span[text() = "ANY TARGET"]]/following-sibling::td[1]/span[text() = ">>"]
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@ kjhughes Thank you, but I got this problem SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\xc2' in file. This problem pointed on ">>" –  Yamur Aug 4 at 14:55
I believe that this new '\xc2' error is a separate issue. Find and eliminate the special character, or try putting "# coding=utf-8" at the top of your python source to define the source encoding. See also this SO question and answers or @alecxe's fine answer here. –  kjhughes Aug 4 at 16:03
Thank you it's work well. Finally :). This code is correct //td[span[text() = "ANY TARGET"]]/following-sibling::td[1]/span[text() = ">>"] –  Yamur Aug 5 at 11:47

There are multiple ways to do it. Strictly speaking, the preferred way depends on the complete HTML structure of the web page you are parsing.

One option would be to just rely on the id (that should be unique, but is not guaranteed to be):



I think you intended to click on the a link instead:

link = browser_drive.find_element_by_xpath('//a[@id="mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:trigger-selectTable_idx_0"]')
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Thank you, I've tried this but does not work. I would like to understand how to structure from the parent TR until the Any Target –  Yamur Aug 4 at 14:38
@Yamur what does it mean - does not work? How do you use the xpath? Please show the code you have so far. Thanks. –  alecxe Aug 4 at 14:40
I used this code based on the ID but does not click browser_drive.find_element_by_xpath("//span[@id='mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:t‌​rigger-selectTable:0:j_idt1417']").click() –  Yamur Aug 4 at 14:44
If the server is encoding information in the id's that vary per user or per other data, it may not be possible to rely on the ids being constant. In such cases, you might try using purely interface text. See my answer for an example. –  kjhughes Aug 4 at 14:47
@kjhughes yup, thank you, it is an option too, but the problem here looks different. –  alecxe Aug 4 at 14:48

Try to focus on the first TD and then click on the Span element.

            IWebElement td = browser_drive.FindElement(By.Id("mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:trigger-selectTable:0")).FindElements(By.TagName("td"))[0];
            IWebElement anytext = td.FindElement(By.Id("mainForm:nav-panel-tab-set:0:trigger-selectTable:0:j_idt1417"));

            OpenQA.Selenium.Interactions.Actions act = new OpenQA.Selenium.Interactions.Actions(browser_drive);

(Coded using C#, there must be an alternative. Pseudo code, not complied)

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