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Autotest is supposed to map my tests to a class, I believe. When I have class Foo and class FooTest, autotest should see FooTest and say, "Hey, this test corresponds to the unit Foo, so I'll look for changes there and re-run tests when changes occur." And that works, however...

When I have Foo::Bar and Foo::BarTest, autotest doesn't seem to make the connection, and whenever I edit Foo::Bar, autotest does not re-run Foo::BarTest

Am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: File structure might be helpful. Here it is:

Module and class files:

  • lib/foo.rb
  • lib/foo/bar.rb
  • lib/foo/baz.rb

Test files:

  • test/unit/foo/bar.rb
  • test/unit/baz.rb

I would think that autotest is able to make the connection between Foo::Bar and Foo::BarTest, but apparently it doesn't.

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Apparently autotest -rails doesn't play nicely with namespaced stuff in lib/*. If I force just plain autotest without Rails mode, this setup works fine with a little tweaking.

click here for more info.

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