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I am trying to encrypt an NSString in Objective C on the iPhone. At least I wan't to get a string like "TmsbDaNG64lI8wC6NLhXOGvfu2IjLGuEwc0CzoSHnrs=" when I encode "us=foo;pw=bar;pwAlg=false;" by using this key: "testtest".

My problem for now is, that CCCrypt always returns "4300 - Parameter error" and I have no more idea why.

This is my code (the result of 5 hours google and try'n'error):

NSString *token = @"us=foo;pw=bar;pwAlg=false;";
NSString *key = @"testtest";

const void *vplainText;
size_t plainTextBufferSize;

plainTextBufferSize = [token length];
vplainText = (const void *) [token UTF8String];

CCCryptorStatus ccStatus;
uint8_t *bufferPtr = NULL;
size_t bufferPtrSize = 0;
size_t *movedBytes;

bufferPtrSize = (plainTextBufferSize + kCCBlockSize3DES) & ~(kCCBlockSize3DES - 1);
bufferPtr = malloc( bufferPtrSize * sizeof(uint8_t));
memset((void *)bufferPtr, 0x0, bufferPtrSize);
// memset((void *) iv, 0x0, (size_t) sizeof(iv));

NSString *initVec = @"init Vec";
const void *vkey = (const void *) [key UTF8String];
const void *vinitVec = (const void *) [initVec UTF8String];

ccStatus = CCCrypt(kCCEncrypt,
                   vkey, //"123456789012345678901234", //key
                   NULL,// vinitVec, //"init Vec", //iv,
                   vplainText, //"Your Name", //plainText,
                   (void *)bufferPtr,

NSString *result;
NSData *myData = [NSData dataWithBytes:(const void *)bufferPtr length:(NSUInteger)movedBytes];
result = [myData base64Encoding];
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DES encryption in ECB mode uses an 8 byte block size, and encodes each blocks individually. The problem is that your input string doesn't divide into 8 bytes equally and the cryptor doesn't know what to do with the final non 8 byte block.

The fix is to allow the cryptor to pad the final block by adding kCCOptionPKCS7Padding to the options to CCCrypt. eg (snippet from an NSData encryption category):

CCCryptorStatus cryptStatus = CCCrypt(kCCEncrypt, 
                                      kCCOptionPKCS7Padding | kCCOptionECBMode,
                                      [self bytes], 

Take a look at this post for more details regarding padding algorithms. Hope this helps.

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Allright, this worked for me, thank you! Now I have the following result: "Tm==Da==64==8w==NL==OG==u2==LG==wc==zo==nrs=" but I want: "TmsbDaNG64lI8wC6NLhXOGvfu2IjLGuEwc0CzoSHnrs=" without all the equal signs. Do you have an idea how to fix this? –  Blauesocke Mar 25 '10 at 8:19
Solved it. I am now using a base64-encoding-method from here which produces no "==" all the time: cocoadev.com/index.pl?BaseSixtyFour –  Blauesocke Mar 25 '10 at 10:55
Thank you @crafterm. Saved my life! –  Adhamox Sep 12 '11 at 8:55

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