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I'm trying to find the performance difference between CPU and GPU via profiling tool. I intend to write a small application that has two different task one task being done sequentially and other that can be done parallelly. My intention is to first write the sequential part of the application in GPU and parallel job in CPU respectively and feed the code to either NSight or Visual profiler tool. My expectation is that, the tool should identify that this is not the best way to write or separate the task. So that I can next manipulate the code to fit the tasks appropriately in cpu and gpu.

So, my question here is can you suggest me some simple application that has task which involves both sequential and parallel task. I wanted to write this application in CUDA C. I can make up my own application to do this but I want a relevant and the right application which has the need for both kinda task. I wish it to be easy to write as I'm new to CUDA programming.

Thank you!

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