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Basically I have thousands of separate titles, they end with something like: - Graphite, Graphite",Hotpoint

To combat this and make the title start with Graphite Hotpoint, I do this:

Find    ^(.*) - Graphite, Graphite",Hotpoint$
Replace Graphite Hotpoint \1"

This is great as it sorts these ones out, however I have all the commands wrote down, and it takes forever to individually do it for each colour/brand. Is there a way I can somehow submit all of them to find / replace. Rather than going through them all the time.

Basically to simply things. I wouldnt have to do find / replace for ^(.*) - Graphite, Graphite",Hotpoint$ and then find and replace for ^(.*) - White, White",Hotpoint$, and then on and on and on, I have them all wrote so I could somehow insert all the commands into notepad++ and then they would all be done.

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Could you please show some sample input lines and the wanted result? –  Toto Aug 4 '14 at 18:22
Basically I need to do the find and replace for things like this below: ^(.*) - White, White",AEG$ White AEG \1" ^(.*) - White, White",Beko$ White Beko \1" ^(.*) - White, White",Bosch$ White Bosch \1" ^(.*) - White, White",Grundig$ White Grundig \1" ^(.*) - White, White",Haier$ White Haier \1" ^(.*) - White, White",Hoover$ White Hoover \1" ^(.*) - White, White",Hotpoint$ White Hotpoint \1" –  shaunybhoy Aug 6 '14 at 12:51

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Have you considered using the Python programming language to solve this issue. Here is a Python Script plug in for Notepad++. For automating your find and replace writing a small script to complete it for you will save you lots of time. Here is an example of using regex.

Looks like this could be what you're after:

editor.rereplace(r"^([A-Z]{3,5})--\1", r"CODE: \1")

Link in comments because I don't have enough rep

You could use a dictionary to store the regex to find with the regex to replace it with

As far as I am aware there is no way natively to achieve what you are asking.

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Hi, I have never used that python script plug before. I am not the best at these sort of things, so if I put it on, where can I learn more, like for example to still be able to setup things the way I would like them to work? –  shaunybhoy Aug 4 '14 at 17:39
npppythonscript.sourceforge.net will be useful to get you started with using this plug in. For learning python, learnpython.org. Check out edited answer. –  Dan Smith Aug 4 '14 at 17:49

How about:

Find what: ^(.*) - (\w+), \w+",(\w+)$
Replace with: $2 $3 $1

You may want to use .+ instead of \w+ if there are other characters than [a-zA-Z0-9_]

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